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My System is not Working.

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Your furnace or AC doesn’t work?

Before calling an HVAC technician.

Ok, you have no heat; there are a few simple things you can check before calling a professional service technician out for a potentially expensive repair.

1) Make sure the main switch to the appliance is turned on and the circuit breaker or fuse is not tripped. Note: Most programmable thermostats including the the Hydro “PeakSaver”  will require up to 5 minutes or more to reset after power has been turned off.

2) If you have a high efficient furnace check to see if there is any snow or debris blocking the vent pipes especially if there was a snow or ice storm recently, the furnace will sense the restriction and shut itself off. Once any snow/debris has been cleared you will need to reset the furnace by switching the power off, waiting a few seconds then reapply the power. If the problem has been corrected the furnace will re-start in a few minutes.
Thermostat seting

3) Ensure the filters are clean, a plugged filter will cause the furnace to overheat and built in safety controls will shut the furnace off to prevent an unsafe condition. Again correct the problem if it exists and cycle the power in an attempt to re-set the furnace.

If you are still unsuccessful it is time to call your service provider. A professional service technician will not only collect all necessary data and analyse it for a complete diagnosis but will also look beyond the failed part to ensure that any adjustments to other components are made to avoid any future episodes. They will then advise you of your options before affecting the appropriate repair. This is a very important step so you can make an informed decision whether the repair is worth it or not (see repair or replace).

It’s Hard to Stop a Trane

Our comprehensive product line includes high efficiency gas furnaces, central air conditioners, whole-house air filtration systems, Earth wise Geothermal and forced air heat pumps. New to our product line is the exclusive NEXIA platform that offers smart home automation.

Trane systems can fit every budget and achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency while handling Ontarios extreme weather conditions.

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